11 Things I have learned living in California for the Past 11 Months.

I moved to the Golden State in January 2015. Starting in Anaheim and currently residing in East LA *throws up gang sign*. It is now November and I can confidently say I almost feel like a real native.

In other words, blending in LA is pretty simple.

1. When getting dressed put on items you normally would never wear together. People here look cool just by wearing whatever they want, and I mean WHATEVER they want. Messy hair, poodle skirt, and rain boots and you are fit to be a Kayne West model.


2. Get use to eating lots of donuts and I don’t mean Dunkin’ Donuts. I mean dounts you never knew existed, Especially the ones at California Donuts. It is a magical place I stumbled across at 2am one night. Oh yeah, and all the dounut shops are open 24 hours. Bacon cronut at 6am? Bet.


3. The amount of beauty you will see here is incredible. From the ridiculously tall palm trees, to the view at the Griffith Observatory, it all is amazing . Especially since I come from such a flat place like Florida, every time I see a mountain or hill I flip out like a kid at Disney World. Take my picture PLEASE!!!!

taking pics

4. When you move to Southern California most of your time will be divided between eating burritos and going on hikes. There are so many trails from amateur to expert, and they all have great sights to see. Pick the toughest and you’ll feel like you are in your own Nike Commercial. So pack a bag, get a burrito to-go, and just do it!


5. Living in Southern California requires you to have an actual place to live. Craig’s List works. Just be patient, and of course careful. Trust me don’t kill yourself trying to get a townhouse in Santa Monica when you work at the Subway in Long Beach. I may live in a studio with everything in one room, but it’s cheap and in LA.


 6. If someone invites you somewhere or you see an Instagram event, GO. You didn’t move across county to stay in the house and go to work. If you need help finding something to do download the meetup or nearify app. It gives you a list of events and groups of people to hang out with. Meet some cool people and turn everywhere you go into a party .

Side note: Vegas is 4 hours away, need I say more.


7. Living in LA can be fabulous but don’t be stupid. Yes go to parties and turn up but don’t get evicted because you forgot to pay rent. Go to work make some money and party on the your off days. Need help finding a job? These websites will help; Indeed, Craig’s ListZiprecruiter in particular helped me get a job in 2 weeks. So work on that resume and make stackz!


8. You have heard of LA traffic and I promise you it is not a lie. I am warning you now, try to find an apartment close to your job to avoid sitting in your car for 4 hours, you will thank me. But if you can’t live close to work then use that time in traffic to get dressed, do your hair, watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad, and maybe write a novel. You’ll have the time.


9. Trying to get use to the time change might make you go crazy, especially if you come all the way from the East coast like me. My LA life is three hours behind my FL life; which means my family likes to call me at 5am thinking it is 8. Just have multiple clocks on your iPhone to help you remember; and if you have an android…ew.


10. If you move here try to move in the Winter/Spring because most apartments here do not have AC (I know smh) So in the Summer you will feel like an extra in “Do The Right Thing”. And unless you got the cash to drop about $350 for a portable AC on top of what you gotta drop to move in save your self the sweat, and move when it’s cold. if you got money disregard and make it rain.


11. Finally and most important learn to parallel park. Parking in LA is like The Hunger Games, and if you know how to parallel park you too can be Katniss Everdeen and defeat President Snow!! (i.e. not get your car towed for double parking) May the odds be ever in your favor. *whistles* Side note: November 20th, Mockingjay, Part 2, I’m too hype!


Moving to LA is a big commitment, but if you have nothing holding you back

and want to see how far you can make it out here go for it!!

I did and I’m probably never coming back!




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