diy kitchen chairs

I moved in to my studio apartment with absolutely no furniture. So I have been on the hunt for diy projects to keep me busy. My first project, kitchen chairs!

What you need:

Total Cost about $25 each chair

*Everything I purchased I have reused for other diy projects around my apartment.*

*and I can change the seat fabric whenever I want.*



1. unscrew seats from chairs


2. use wood filler to fill any spots on the chair that are chipped; when it turns white it is dry

3. sand until chairs are smooth

4. use spray primer on chairs; let dry

5. paint chairs with paint brushes

6. remove old fabric from chair seats by prying old staples out

7. (optional) spray adhesive to seat and place foam on seat; lay something heavy on it for a couple hours till it dries

8. cut foam edges to seat size

9. lay seat (foam side down) on fabric

10. stretch and staple fabric to seat; pull hard doing opposite ends first

foam steps

11. paint chair with clear paint; wait 24 hours for it completely dry

12. screw seats back into chair

chairafter    Fin.                

;art done by Mastermindsconnect ™


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