trash, treasure; same word

My office tends to throw away furniture a lot, and this one particular piece seemed interesting to me.  So i rented a Uhaul for $30 bucks and this


turned into this.


amazed, I know. Let me tell you how I did this.

What you need:


1.get a really strong boyfriend and possibly a neighbor to help you get it in your apartment; i used option one ❤

2. use wood filer to fill screw holes (optional)

3. use paint primer inside and out

4. paint outside and inside different colors; pick one of those fancy color tabs at home depot. Mine was almond and wine (:

5. while drying start wrapping the shelves in adhesive wall paper of choice; go slow when wrapping to avoid air bubbles



6. paint with clear paint, replace shelves, and put all your stuff on display


So #yay or #nay?


*disclaimer I have way more stuff than that but anything for a good picture(:*




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